Nicaragua Funky Bourbon from Dublin’s 3FE


Nicaragua Finca Los Placeres: Funky Natural Bourbon

Roaster: 3FE, Dublin, Ireland

Roast Date: 27/07/15

Have you ever tried on something at the store and then gotten home to find it really doesn’t fit the way you thought it did?  Maybe it was the lighting or last night’s beer.   Cupping a coffee and making a brew of it is a similar experience.  Some coffees don’t taste the same on the cupping table as they do in the mug.  Maybe it was the water temperature or last night’s beer.  This is the experience I had with 3FE’s Nicaragua Finca Los Placeres.  On the table it reminded me of a boozy wine, an alcohol-like sweetness nearing sour masked hints of fruit.  But in the Chemex, ripe strawberries ran wild over the palate and that white wine acidity became more balanced giving way to a lovely hazelnut finish.  The roaster’s notes were really spot on, especially the sticky mouthfeel.  Sometimes coffees reveal themselves in different ways if you grant them the opportunity.


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