Chasing the Cherry

I’ve had a coffee crush on Square Mile Roasters ever since summer of 2015.  For my birthday I was given The World Atlas of Coffee written by James Hoffmann, co-founder of the quality driven roastery tucked into East London.  A little about James, not only was he World Barista Champion of 2007, he exudes professionalism, … More Chasing the Cherry

The Kenyan Lazarus

I did something this week that I’ve never done before.  I drank stale coffee on purpose. Sometimes if I get many new coffees all at once, I may not finish an entire bag before I get more.  This is apparently what happened back in February when a friend brought me coffees from one of my … More The Kenyan Lazarus

Conduit Coffee’s Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora

Have you ever experienced the anticipation for something in your life that only comes around once a year?  You anxiously wait months for its arrival and when it shows up you completely forget how much you were suffering.     There’s a coffee that’s better than a birthday present, closer to my heart than Christmas cookies, … More Conduit Coffee’s Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora

Pairing Coffee and Chocolate Through Intrigue

How chocolate truffles interact with your taste buds is pure magic.  Why that reaction happens is pure science.  In the name of research, I spent an afternoon at Intrigue Chocolate Co. with Aaron Barthel, owner and chocolatier.  Our mission was to find out why coffee and chocolate go so well together; we suffered through sample … More Pairing Coffee and Chocolate Through Intrigue