Essential Chemex

Brewing coffee is part of a roaster’s life.  Brewing is a process.  I like processes.   I remember watching Reading Rainbow and Mr. Rogers as a kid and marveling when they showed how Crayons were made, and M&Ms and submarines and stuff.  I like how all the parts fit together to make a final product. … More Essential Chemex

Morning Rituals

There’s two kinds of people in this world.  Those of us who spring out of the bed in the morning, wide awake, energized, and eager to tackle the day; and, people who hit snooze as many times as an iPhone allows then slink begrudgingly from under the covers hunched over like Quasimodo.  The ‘springers’ can … More Morning Rituals

CoffeeFest Portland – Breakdown

Aspiring to become the definitive trade show designed for one-and-all involved in the specialty coffee and gourmet tea business, Portland’s Coffee Fest dished out a uniquely sessionable experience.  Formerly based in Seattle from 1992-2013, Coffee Fest seems to have found its permanent home in Portland, due to its supreme sessionability.  I distinctly liked the sessionability … More CoffeeFest Portland – Breakdown

How Direct is Direct Trade? An Interview with Herkimer Coffee Roasters

Clustered in a row of artisanal shops that run the spine of Seattle’s Phinney Ridge neighborhood, Herkimer Coffee claims its stake in the competitive landscape of roasters in the Pacific Northwest.  The sun-soaked and cozy café shares its space with a gorgeous Probat roaster that dominates the adjacent room – visible through open windows at … More How Direct is Direct Trade? An Interview with Herkimer Coffee Roasters