How to Make Delicious Salted Coffee at Home

Many people have secretly admired the irresistible taste of salted coffee but finding a place that serves this special drink can be a challenge, prompting them to search for a salted coffee recipe to enjoy anytime. If you’ve ever had a sip of salted coffee, you, like many others, have been captivated by its unique flavor, thinking that making salted coffee must be complicated, but it turns out… preparing a cup of salted coffee is actually quite simple.

In the following article, The Coffee Crush will share with you how we successfully created salted coffee with just 4 easy steps. Your task is to read the article below!

The History Of Salted Coffee

Until now, there has been no clear evidence regarding the origin of salted coffee. However, according to one document, in Ethiopia, to replenish their bodies with water and stay alert during long working hours, shipyard workers used concentrated coffee and added a little salt as an electrolyte. From there, the concept of salted coffee was born. Additionally, the Interstate Druggist (USA) reported that Dr. William C. Alpers (USA) added salt to coffee and sold it. He claimed that adding salt to coffee enhanced its delicate flavor. Thanks to this modification, the company’s revenue increased significantly.

Salted coffee gained popularity in various cultures and regions, each adding their own twist to the recipe. In some Asian countries, such as Vietnam, salted coffee became a traditional drink known for its unique taste and aroma. The idea behind salted coffee is to balance the natural bitterness of coffee with a hint of salt, creating a harmonious and complex flavor profile.

Over time, salted coffee has evolved and adapted to different preferences and techniques. Some variations include adding a pinch of salt to the coffee grounds before brewing, while others involve mixing a small amount of salt directly into the brewed coffee. The method of preparation can vary, ranging from simple homebrewing techniques to more elaborate processes in specialized coffee shops.

In recent years, salted coffee has gained renewed popularity in the coffee culture, with cafes and baristas experimenting with different flavor combinations and presentations. The unique and unexpected taste of salted coffee continues to intrigue coffee enthusiasts, making it a delightful and refreshing alternative to traditional coffee beverages.

As the appreciation for diverse and innovative coffee flavors grows, salted coffee remains a fascinating chapter in the rich history of coffee, showcasing the creativity and exploration within the world of coffee brewing.

Why do you add salt to coffee?

When we think of salt, we often associate it with the savory taste of the sea. No one would expect that the essence of highland and ocean could unexpectedly blend together. It’s the bitter taste of coffee, the salty flavor of white salt, and the creamy richness of milk that harmonize perfectly with each other, creating an unforgettable and captivating drink that many people adore.

The nature of coffee itself is inherently bitter. However, the level of bitterness can vary depending on each person’s brewing method. Just like how we add milk or sugar to mellow out the bitterness of coffee.

Adding salt to coffee is a way to reduce its bitterness to some extent. You may know that salt consists of two main components: Na and Cl. The released Na ions are the reason why the bitter taste of coffee is significantly softened. Moreover, salt acts as a catalyst, enriching the flavor of coffee. When you don’t want to add sugar or milk to reduce the bitterness, salt becomes a perfect substitute.

Simple method to make salted coffee at home

The simplest recipe for making salted coffee is to directly add salt to the pre-brewed coffee. Then stir well and enjoy slowly.

However, there is another method where you mix a combination of salt and coffee before brewing. Initially, many people think that both methods will yield the same result, but in reality, it’s not the case. The second salted coffee recipe actually produces a more enticing and delicious flavor.

Don’t worry, the recipe for making salted coffee is actually very straightforward. But first, let’s explore the ingredients, necessary tools, and detailed steps!

Ingredients The ingredients for making salted coffee are readily available and include:

  • Freshly ground aromatic coffee
  • Condensed milk
  • Salt
  • Rich’s whipping cream
  • Boiling water

Tools Similar to other types of coffee, making salted coffee requires the following tools:

  • Cup, bowl, spoon
  • Coffee filter
  • Hand grinder

Completion time: 30 minutes

Once you have prepared all the necessary ingredients and tools, it’s time to proceed with the salted coffee recipe!

  • Step 1: Rinse the coffee filter with boiling water to reduce temperature differences during brewing. Preheating the filter helps the coffee grounds to expand evenly and release their enticing aroma.
  • Step 2: Add approximately 30g of coffee powder and salt into the coffee filter, then mix well to create a homogeneous mixture. Use your hand to adjust the press cap to allow the coffee to drip evenly.
  • Step 3: Pour boiling water in a slow and steady circular motion around the coffee filter, allowing the coffee to drip drop by drop.
  • Step 4: Add condensed milk, whipping cream, or rich’s cream to the prepared coffee. The amount of milk depends on your taste preferences.

Finally, you can enjoy your salted coffee.

Tips for a delicious salted coffee

With this salted coffee recipe, anyone can make it. However, to create a truly perfect and authentic Hue-style salted coffee, there are a few notes to keep in mind during the preparation and enjoyment:

a. Coffee beans No matter how correctly you follow the Hue-style salted coffee recipe, if you don’t choose high-quality ingredients, the aroma and original flavor of the coffee cannot be guaranteed. It is best to choose whole coffee beans, and more importantly, purchase pure coffee from reputable suppliers for a better-tasting cup of coffee.

b. Brewing tools and water The flavor of salted coffee also depends on the coffee brewing tools, especially the coffee filter. It is recommended by professional bartenders to use a coffee filter to enhance the taste of the coffee. Additionally, use filtered and boiled water for brewing coffee. This reminder applies not only to salted coffee but also to other coffee recipes like “bạc xỉu” (coffee with condensed milk).

Enjoying salted coffee

The method of drinking salted coffee is no different from drinking coffee with milk or sugar. You can choose to enjoy it hot as soon as it is brewed, or you can add some ice cubes for a refreshing and lightly chilled taste of salted coffee.

As you can see, the salted coffee recipe is not difficult at all, right? For coffee lovers who desire to explore new coffee flavors, it is now easy to make a cup of salted coffee with your own hands.

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